Jonathan the Jester

Unicyclist and Roller Globe Walker

My globe has an interesting history and is an eyecatcher at any occassion.

At the Guernsey carnival in 1998 I had the good fortune to take on Rainbow the Clown at globe gladiators. We had an audience of about 600 people watching us improvise.

While the theatricals were both dramatic and hysterical (Rainbow is a great improviser) the competition between us was intense. I won the day. But then Rainbow is much prettier than I am

Rainbow has taken me on twice since in 2000 and in 2002. On both occasions he has comprehensively beaten me. I am not ashamed because Rainbow is one of the greatest clowns I have ever met.

This is NOT a Unicycle.
Unicycles are SAFER

This is me riding my Pennyfarthing for the Leukemia Research Bikathon.

The Pennyfarthing is an insane device designed for speed but not for control.

If you thought extreme sports were a recent phenomenon think again.

The Victorians were crazy.

THIS is a Unicycle.....

I didn't say a lot safer

This is my 7ft Unicycle. I had it made to order as it comes 8ft as standard. I found 8ft to be too high.

In January of 2005 I broke my right leg performing with this at the T-Aid Tsunami Releif Concert in Salisbury.

Less than 3 weeks after my return to work in April 2005 I sprained my left ankle performing a text book dismount. I was very upset as it was on the Eve of St Georges Day.

Below is a picture taken towards the end of "Barnum" in Salisbury City Hall in 1997. We got a NODA for that.

Historically, The Jester inherited his position from "The Unfortunates." These unlucky souls were employed because there can only be so much bad luck in a given place. So part of a Jesters role was to deflect bad luck from his patrons.

During this show a piano fell over while I was sitting on it.

A bolt broke in one of my stilts.

A non rehearsed curtain came out of nowhere, unseen by me, and I trod on it, wearing stilts, while it moved.

Another Unicyclist knocked me off my giraffe.


Here is another picture of my "Suicycle."

I have to point out that over the many years in which I have pursued this career, there have been dozens of occasions where I didn't actually hurt myself.

Below is a picture of me on my unicycle leaning against a bus in The Lord Mayors Show London 97.

Eventually I let go of the bus, and unsupported..
.................the bus fell over.

This was during my first year as official jester to the City of Salisbury. The Winged Fellowship Trust were my charity and I raised over 20,000 for them that year.

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